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    Amanda Ply presents a small sample of her writing, including her video presentation of "Waiting" and "Dawn";  her "I  Secretly" video from her very successful EP Runaway; songs from three albums; and, covers of other  artists. 
    As previously noted, Amanda writes with inspiration from Carole King, Diane Warren and Sia, but her writing
 style and sound can only be that of Amanda Ply.

    All songs are available for your licensing consideration. Should you require a song to be more specific to your  project, please advise, so that we may discuss the possibilities. Contact SMC Artists, 818-505-9600.



"I Secretly"

"The sweet and sexy falsettos of Aaliyah
meet Janet Jackson."—AP

Never Knew (3:38)
  Summary: I love you so much, and can't imagine life without you. 
  Key Lyric: “I never knew/someone like you/I
could never imagine you gone.”
  Keywords/Mood: Love, happy, optimistic, in love, fun, carefree, easy going, lighthearted, lust.

Going Down [3:14]
  Summary: Tonight it’s happening.
  Key Lyric: “Gimme more/there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do/we’re goin' there tonight.” 
  Keywords/Mood: Sexy, cool, suave, sensual, seductive, steamy, alluring, sexual, intimate, passion, loving, hot.

    Ooo Baby! [3:23]
      Summary: I really want to make you want me tonight. 
      Key Lyric: “Your body’s just callin me/let’s get in before you start the day/if you do me like you say you will/then go all the way.” 
      Keywords/Mood: Sex, hot, ambient, reverb, deep synthesizers, passion, emotion, love.

    Why? [3:23]
      Summary: You're flirty and telling me you want me, but why don't you let me in? 
      Key Lyric: “Why, why/Do you ever let me?/Never let me.”
      Keywords/Mood: Game playing, shady, desire, lust, want what you can't have, sneaky, treacherous, dishonest, playful. 

    Best We Can [2:59]
      Summary: Tried our best effort, gave it our all, fought till the end, love, the end.
      Key Lyric: “Guess this is what we get for fallin' in love/except the situation there is no one to blame/
    guess we did the best we can.”
      Keywords/Mood: Reflective. 

    Waiting (3:38)
      Summary: Waiting and wondering at home where you are.
      Key Lyric: “Waiting, I am waiting/for you to get here on time/for you to get here alright.”
      Keywords/Mood: Waiting, harmonies, ambient, transfixion, sexy, cool, suave, alone, wondering, thinking, dreaming, anticipation, questioning.

    Love Me Now [3:17]
      Summary: Impatient love.
      Key Lyric: “Love me now/I only care about/feeling you inside out.”
      Keywords/Mood: Demand, impatient, love, love-making, sex, sexual, urgent, pressing, pressure, now, touch, feel, passion, emotional, honest, anxious, restless. 

    New Derangement [3:30]
    featuring T.A.Y.L.O.R.
      Summary: Let's go all the way.
      Key Lyric: “I'm gonna take it nice and slowly/I wanna just take it one step further.”
      Keywords/Mood: Going the extra mile, sexy, pushing it further, pushing the limit, no turning back,sex, lovemaking, intimate, intense.

            "Carole King/Alison Krauss vibe meets a
          Karen Carpenter vocal, with the soul dust of 
      Alicia Keys and writing ability of Taylor Swift."—AP

           I Will Love Who I Want To [4:06]
      Summary: Everyone keeps telling me what to do and who I should love. But that’s for me to decide. 
      Key Lyric: “I will love who I want to/I will feel how I feel/I will give into a moment/When I know that it’s real.” 
      Keywords/Mood: Self-assurance, self-confidence, self-love, independence, determination, self-liberation, will power, courage, bold, love, fearless, individuality, individualism, oneness.

    Like That [3:11]
      Summary: Don’t mess with me. And if you do, this is what will happen. 
      Key Lyric: “If you can’t understand/how to be a man/I’ll throw you down/Baby I’m like that"
      Keywords/Mood: attitude, diva, confidence, confident, sassy, bold, fun, honest, forward, blunt, women’s liberation, feminism, independence, determination, fearlessness, liberation, love, relationships, man.

    Let's Just Fall In Love [3:36]
      Summary: I’m daydreaming, and simply want to fall in love with you.
      Key Lyric: “Maybe you will see/We are meant to be/So let’s just fall in love."
      Keywords/Mood: Sweet, love, lust, innocent, innocence, excitement, crush, desire, fun, light-hearted, admired, well-liked, nice, pleasant, likable, cute, adorable.

    Messy Little Piece Of Beautiful
      Summary: Celebration of our imperfections and waking up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes. 
      Key Lyric: “We all got the days when all we are is lazy/the weather of our lives is really hazy/but even through the fall/I’m a messy little piece of beautiful.” 
      Keywords/Mood: Self-confidence, self-love, self-assurance, self-praise, beautiful, imperfect, flawed, carefree, acceptance, accepting, welcoming, uncritical, unimportant, complimentary, fun, letting-go. 

    I Secretly [3:52]
      Summary: I secretly love you, and I don’t know if I can tell you. 
      Key Lyric: “I secretly need you/no more talkin’ you see/ come on over to me/and let love go crazy/I secretly love you.”
      Keywords/Mood: Love, lust, crush, secret, quiet, shy, mysterious, sweet, apprehensive, hesitant, bashful, nervous, blushing, wishful, light-hearted, gentle, mellow, easy-listening, good, gracious.

    Runaway [4:04]
      Summary: If things don’t change, I’m outta here.
      Key Lyric: “Hold me close/or I will be a runaway/ you know that I’ll never stay/if I’m hanging on.” 
      Keywords/Mood: Runaway, brokenhearted, break-up, leaving, goodbye, sad, rejected, distant, love, sorrow, upset, low, down, ultimatum, last chance, command.

    A Lovin' That Heals [3:59]
      Summary: Even through fear, pain or loss, we can find love in anything and anyone; the power it retains to heal is limitless.
      Key Lyric: “There is a hope/through all of the fear/ that there is a lovin’/a lovin’ that heals."
      Keywords/Mood: Elevated, optimistic, inspiring, encouraging, repair, motivating, uplifting, spirited, chorus-like, worship, spiritual, love, heal, soothe, comfort, help, assist, rejuvenate, restore, moving, refreshing, hope.

    Shine [3:18]
      Summary: Even though you’re gone, you shine on me everyday.
      Key Lyric: “In a simple kinda way/won’t you shine on me everyday/I’d be crazy if I lied/and said I didn’t want you to shine.”
      Keywords/Mood: Grief, bereavement, hope, shine, comfort, spiritual, afterlife, death, life, loss, time, dreams.

    "Soulful vocals and piano."—AP

    Best Thing [3:44]
      Summary: Time has passed since we broke up, and I wonder what you think of me.
      Key Lyric: “Will you wake up just one mornin’/look at my side of the bed/where I used to sleep and say to yourself/‘She was the best thing, the best thing that I had?’"
      Keywords/Mood: Wonderment, uncertainty, thinking, love, break-up, curiosity, bewilderment, questioning, past, feeling, closure.

    Stay [3:31]
      Summary: Don’t go, stay here. Please.
      Key Lyric: “Won’t you stay with me/cause I’m feeling weak/and I just want to hold you right now.”
      Keywords/Mood: Waltz, weakness, sadness, desperate, stay, longing, yearning, need, urge, want, desire, somber, depressed, vulnerable, defenseless, sensitive.

    Handlebars [3:44]
      Summary: You’re trying to take over my life so much so, I can’t live it.
      Key Lyric: “I can’t hold onto my handlebars/when you are taking charge/so will you loosen the grip/loosen the grip on me?”
      Keywords/Mood: Power, struggle, inferior, conflict, confrontation, shadowy, somber, metaphorical, symbolic, handle bars, free oneself. 

    Right That Is Wrong [3:09]
      Summary: How could something so right, also feel so wrong?
      Key Lyric: “Like the pages of a centerfold/you stop and stare/and the million dollar question/is will you be there?”
      Keywords/Mood: Questioning, asking for an answer, love, lust, relationship, second-guessing, doubt, distrust, confusion, dilemma, suspicion, right, wrong.

    Someday, Somehow [2:52]
      Summary: We don’t know what the future holds, or how to get there. But let’s go against the grain, get out of here, and live in the moment.
      Key Lyric: “Close the rule book/come with me/we’ll watch every sunrise for eternity.”
      Keywords/Mood: Freedom, living in the moment, journey, adventure, unknown, future, unrestraint, breaking free, against the grain, opportunity, carpe diem, stop and smell the roses, chance.

    Additional Selections

    None [4:06]
    Summary: "What matters most in life isn't material things. It's love."

    Key Lyric: "When you finally think you really have it all/you really got none."

    Keywords/Mood: Materialistic, greedy, shallow, life lesson, love conquers all, people, places, home is where the heart is. 

    Rescue Me [3:27]
    Summary: I’m in a bad moment, and need to get out; help! (Song is written as an ocean/sea metaphor.)

    Key Lyric: “I am lost, will you comfort me/Body heavy, too heavy for me/Sinkin’ fast, can barely breathe/Will somebody come and rescue me?” 

    Keywords/Mood: Rescue, help, vulnerable, bad moment, danger, aid, relief, save, ocean, sea, water, assistance, support, lost, gone, missing, off-track.
    Enough [3:51]
    Summary: I don't know what the future holds or where we're going, but being with you and having you by my side is enough. I'm here to stay.
    Key Lyric: "I don't know, but I will stay/I don't care if I lose the map that draws our path along the way/You don't know and that's okay/Cause holdin' hands with the king and the man of my dreams/Is enough to get me through the day."
    Keywords/Mood: Love, devotion, hopeless romantic, in love, commitment, loyalty, forever, marriage, admiration, intense, passion, emotional, attachment.

    Quiet Love [4:17]
    Summary: There is so much love between us, not a word needs to be spoken to feel it.
    Key Lyric: "The air is full and no one speaks/Oh you don't have to say a thing/It's a quiet love."
    Keywords/Mood: Love, in love, romance, romantic, on Cloud 9, relationship, no words, unspoken, quiet, peace, easy-going, dream, the kind of love we all dream   
    of, genuine, authentic, real.

    Star Of The Show [6:04]
    Summary: Through our ups and downs, I'll always be the star of your show. I need you. Song told through puppeteer metaphor.
    Key Lyric: "Until the end/Until the end/I'll be the one starring in your show/Until the end/Until the end/I will never fall away."
    Keywords/MoodLove, star, relationship, committed, loyal, faithful, devoted, unwavering, honest, genuine, authentic, real, absolute.

    Don't Wait For Me [3:22]
    Summary: Song is from the viewpoint of a lost loved one above, down to others on Earth.
    Key Lyric: "Be free, let go/But keep me in your heart so/When we meet again someday/I'll have you, you'll have me/But until then, listen to me/Just
    cause I'm not there today/Doesn't mean I'm not okay."
    Keywords/Mood: Comfort, heaven, afterlife, end of life, next life, love, loss, yearning, missing, sadness, sorrow, peace, passing.
    Try [3:34]
    Summary: Would you just try to show me you care? Even a little?
    Key Lyric: "Try/Like you understand me/Like you give a damn and want to work this out/Like nothing has faded/Instead of the blaming, always keeping score."
    Keywords/Mood; Try, attempt, effort, love, relationship, give in, affection, care, caring, respect, appreciation, understanding, acknowledgement.

    Control [1:33]
    Summary: We're so in love, I lose control. (In theme of Ariana Grande.)
    Key Lyric: "Baby, when I'm with you/can't help it, I lose all control/No matter what we're doin'/You take me right out of this world."
    Keywords/Mood: Lust, in love, desire, puppy love, young love, infatuation, crush, first love, passion, intensity, strong emotion, head over heels.   

    Rest Of 'Em [3:25]
    Summary: I'll keep following my path, even though it's not like everybody else's. I don't want to be average. (In theme of Jessie Ware.)
    Key Lyric: "Chasin' all my shadows/Afraid to fall behind/Tracing steps I have already taken in my life/Jumpin' on the saddle/I'm gonna take a ride/'Cause I don't   
    ever wanna be like the rest of 'em."
    Keywords/Mood: Inspiration, encouragement, unique, different, uncommon, special, independent, not ordinary, divergent.

    Dance Pop
    Coming Home To You [4:40] from "Reign" (CBS/CW)
    Summary: Miles can keep growing between us, but no matter what, I'm coming home to you.
    Key Lyric: "Stillness fills me/Numbing wraps my body/Gripping onto cold sheets/Hear the silence/Pictures play in my head/Nights go slow, and distance grows/But   
    just remember now/I'm coming home to you."
    Keywords/Mood: Longing, missing, somber, distance, long-distance relationship, sad, yearning, lonely alone, love, separated, loyal, committed, devotion, empty, 
    heartsick, longing for home.  

    Taken By You [4:16]
    Summary: I'm completely enamored by everything you do.
    Key Lyric: "I'm taken by the words you say/And all the little games you play/No matter what I try to do/I'm taken by you."
    Keywords/Mood: Captivated, fun, hooked, charmed, smitten, enchanted, enamored, lust, in love, mesmerized, seduction, flirtatious, head over heels, gaga, hung
    up, mad about.

    "Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Kline (Cover by Amanda Ply)

    "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan (Cover by Amanda Ply)

    "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley (Cover by Amanda Ply)

    All works ©Ay Pea Music (ASCAP) and associates, unless otherwise provided. All rights reserved.